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The Grit Theory


Coffee & Grit 3. Talk About It!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021


Today Lindsey explores the question: How can you intentionally live and cultivate grit?

Highlights include:

-Start small, do something daily.

-The Journey of Becoming.

-Improving through a thousand small choices.

-Lead from the Front (check out episode 36. Choose to Push In with Kirk).

-You cultivate grit by living it.

-Wake up Mama Bears and Mama Llamas!

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Hello and welcome to Coffee & Grit. I am Lindsey, and I am joined by Jon today in our conversation.

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He joins Still still good.

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Still good.

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Still good today. Good. It's a good day. It's actually very beautiful out today. It's one of our first genuine fall days here in Colorado. It's a little bit cold with a little bit warm. I'm sure we've had more of those, and I just I'm always cold.

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So to me, this is a fall day today.

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Yep, the leaves are changing and we have a fun question to to pursue. You want to jump into it?

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Yes, go.

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All right. So today's question is, how can you intentionally live out grit?

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We have touched upon this in the last couple of episodes. We started with actionable things where you can start small and do something every day that challenges you. That's hard for you, that pushes you. And then the second episode we talked about becoming.

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Grit and becoming of something as it's a journey, it's not a destination, it's not a place that you just arrive at. It's a continual day in, day out, hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, choosing to do the gritty thing, the hard thing, the brave, courageous thing that you really push into because you know there's more on

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the other side of whatever you're working towards. And now I really want to talk about leading from the front. We had an amazing conversation with Kirk van Evren, and if you have the chance to go, listen to it on grit theory, it is episode number 36.

08;04;35;10 - 08;04;17;23


And he really talked about. That conversation was an introduction because we want to have Kirk around because he has amazing ideas, amazing thought process. But he really he said something that caught me and I've really been mulling it over and thinking about it.

08;04;17;08 - 08;03;59;15


And it was that you have to lead from the front. You take all your skills, everything you think is valuable and then you add in the all the things you don't think are valuable because from someone else's perspective, those things can be valuable.

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I have a lot of things that I go, Oh, well, that's just something I do. And someone else is like, I don't know how you do that. And to me, so something that I don't see as valuable, they see as valuable.

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So you need to not discredit yourself. And it's something I'm preaching to myself right now because I discredit myself, probably more than anybody else and like them discrediting me. But he had this concept of leading from the front, and we were talking about this just a little bit.

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And the more I thought about it, the more the way that you. Embody grit and you make it actionable, and how do you live it out is by doing it? You have to show up, you have to be present, you have to lead by example.

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Like I said in the first episode, your your talk doesn't matter if your actions don't back it. If you're going to sit it out and someone else is playing the game, it won't like you didn't contribute. So if you want others to contribute and you want others to go down this path of being brave and courageous and

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acting in determination, you have to show others how to do it. Now this is an ever changing process. It's not. I'm thinking through how to make it a couple steps to really get you started. And then it's more of a aspect of you're going to have to continue that ball once it gets rolling, because I can't I

08;02;19;16 - 08;02;12;19


can't always necessarily be right next to you holding your hand going, Hey, this is the grit aspect. Hey, this is what that means.

08;02;11;14 - 08;01;58;27


Well, yeah. I mean, how do you lead from the front, you start by leading by example, how do you lead by example? You start by leading yourself, right? How do you lead yourself like you spoke on in the last coffee episode?

08;01;58;10 - 08;01;51;15


You set a high. Difficult to obtain and maintain standard for yourself. And you stick to it.

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You hold to it every day.

08;01;48;27 - 08;01;34;12


Every single day. And when you mess up, you pay the fee. Yeah, you make it up. You barter with yourself. How can I make this right? And if you if you do that, then you begin leading yourself and back up the pipeline you go to leading from the front.

08;01;34;02 - 08;01;15;04


Right, exactly. It is exactly that. And leading from the front is of utmost importance, especially if you have friends who are watching you if you have a spouse who's watching you. For me, I have four sons who are always watching what you and I are doing.

08;01;14;24 - 08;01;08;15


And if I don't get up and if I don't put the work in, well, what's that? Tell them?

08;01;07;20 - 08;01;01;24


Well, it seems to me there's a wake up call for all the mama bears and mama llamas out there. In all this.

08;01;01;04 - 08;00;42;12


Yeah, there absolutely is. I think I think one of the things that I want to do by leading from the front is to go completely public with our lives and put it on display, which is something that a lot of people have said, Hey, you should totally do this because you add a lot of value, and it's

08;00;42;12 - 08;00;16;05


something I've 100% thought and wrestled with because I personally really wrestle with adding value. As in, I feel I don't have something valuable to contribute other than in my family. I know that there are qualities of mine that I do well, but I don't see a lot of what they see because our perspectives are different.

08;00;15;28 - 09;59;50;10


And I'm really opening my eyes to that and really trusting and accepting that what others are saying is truth and valuable, and it is valuable, especially to me. But it's I'm going to start leading from the front by going more public, not just with the podcast, but in social media and, you know, acting out and living out

09;59;50;09 - 09;59;30;25


my grit in a louder manner. And that's something that I don't want to be quiet anymore. And I do. I am quiet. I am more reserved in a lot of conversations because I like to think about things. I like to have well thought out processes, and I think that I can still absolutely do that.

09;59;30;15 - 09;59;11;20


But now I'm going to be loud and public about my not necessarily my opinions, but what I feel is valuable, not just for me, but like, Hey, you really need to hear this. And I think this is really applicable, not just for me, but for like 50,000 other people.

09;59;11;13 - 09;58;58;22


And I want you to be able to grasp it and share it and pass it along because this matters and it's a movement that will once it grasps hold of you, you can't let go of.

09;58;57;00 - 09;58;46;25


Yeah, it seems to me that the way you could actually cultivate grit in your life today. Right? A fun take away from it. Here is. Talk about it.

09;58;45;25 - 09;58;24;12


Yeah. Don't be quiet. Don't set out. You were the only one who can change your situation. Something we've talked about and that our next conversation on the grit theory is going to be is why you why now? How do you take this and push into you and and push through?

09;58;24;05 - 09;58;19;28


Great. And it's something that we find extreme value in.


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